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Anti-Monolith Heros an article by Thulani Ngazimbi

A few months ago I was asked by the great folks at Undo Magazine to write about Black Skaters. I didn't and still don't feel as though I have the credibility to climb that proverbially large mountain; but what I did do was document 3 black men who affected me greatly enough to document my journey in becoming a professional longboard/skateboard builder. My father, who gave me my first board at 4, my reason for awakening my senses to action sports; Sal Masekela the resonant voice in cementing the fact that anyone can do anything even, including a black man being the voice of action sports on a global stage; Theotis Beasley the new generation of pro-skateboarders who do this, and prove how infectious being true to you can be!

Please click the pics to read the article!Anti Monolith heros the rad black kids sal Masekela Theotis Beasley Thulani Ngazimbi

Sal Masekela Theotis Beasley Thulani Ngazimbi black skaters