About Us

The Rad Black Kids are quintessentially all of us. Started out of a desire from the founder to see faces that reflect his in action sports, through building longboards, the brand has quickly grown to regional (California) and national acclaim for the innovative approach towards design. The Rad Black Kids initially began building longboards with riders in mind by utilizing the best "rider oriented" boards: Using rider's choice trucks, wheels, bearings, and true rider quality decks. Thulani (the Founder) began building longboards by chance. In 2008 after spending 5 winters snowboarding most weekends in the winter, summer was a chore as there was nothing to do in his small Idaho town. He didn't have the money to purchase a board, so instead he built a repurposed old board out of a 1996, somehow still ridable deck.

6 years later, in 2014, when the opportunity arose, The Rad Black Kids was established, with durable, weather resistant (inspired by women's purses) longboards as the initial product offering. As time went by, and longboards flew off the shelves The Rad Black Kids took the same principles of quality, durability and longevity, and applied them to our first clothing collection in 2015. With each season the goal of each collection was to create immersive story telling experience with each piece released, that would throw the buyer into a world that would have them wear quality pieces, worthy of conversational value that would be the talk of each interaction they would have with them on!

In 2019 The Rad Black Kids has adapted, and changed to a new model. This one is primarily of the limited release schedule. This schedule wants to throw our friends and customers (YOU) into storytelling primarily. We want to immerse you in our world, but as we drop products we want you to connect with the designs through story telling, while we keep the high quality standards you've grown to love. There are many brands out there, we want ours to connect deeply with YOU! Finally, because our planet is in crisis, we plant a tree for each and every single product sold!