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The Gwanda, a tribute to my Ancestors

The Gwanda Sneaker from The Rad Black Kids
BREAKING: Today was a moment. Sitting, staring at the first sneaker I have ever designed. This has to be the hardest caption I have ever written. Synthesizing my emotion into words, visualizing a dream, and watching it come true was...humbling.

In my heart, I'm still a kid from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I fight my hardest to make my dreams come true. I am so ecstatic to announce THE RAD BLACK KIDS FIRST SNEAKER, the Gwanda, and the first (preview) piece of @theradblackkids next collection: "I hope to make my city proud."

Sibekwa is the reservation my ancestors where forcibly relocated (where they had no historical connection) which is inside Gwanda.

These are dedicated to the ancestors, my grandparents, and my parents. There would be no me without the stand, they each had to make to elevate me to being here, now.

This has only come into fruition by you, dear reader, dear customer. This entire operation hinges on the confidence you place in me to not only produce the quality you have grown accustomed, but also the boundary pushing you've entrusted in me. 
Thank you, heres to more artistic ventures.

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