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The Rad Black Kids

Union T-Shirt

Union T-Shirt

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Also known as the "Amandla" T-shirt. In Nguni languages the word means strength. When I was young, one of the vivid memories was the word Amandla being yelled in protests, meetings by the African National Congress, in Apartheid South Africa. The accompanying gesture was the fist held tight and held over the head.

That fist, that fist always made the most sense to me. This t-shirt is dedicated to the rudimentary idea of if we gather together, we can not only change the world, but make specific demands of what we need!

Thulani yells: "Amandla"

You respond: "Ngawethu!" (is ours)

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Digital Soft Touch Print
Dropped Shoulder Seams
Longer Sleeve
160 GSM Fabric Weight
Slightly Longer Shirt Tail
100% Cotton
Made in Portugal

20 trees planted for each t-shirt sold!

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