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by The Rad Black Kids

Khami Hiker Boot (Black)

$ 150.00 $ 250.00

Khami Ruins is UNESCO World Heritage site, and a ruined city 22 kilometers west of my hometown Bulawayo. It was once the capital of the Kingdom of Butwa of the Torwa Dynasty. 

Khami, rose to prominence after capital of Great Zimbabwe had been abandoned in the mid 16th Century is of great interest. Objects originating from Europe and China shows Khami was a major trade hub for a long time. As per the UNESCO site: "The population lived in daga huts of cobwork, surrounded by a series of granite walls. These structures display a high standard of workmanship, a great number of narrow passageways and perambulatory galleries and impressive chevron and chequered wall decorations...The archaeological remains are also a testament to long-distance historic trade links with the Portuguese, and the wider world, the diverse range of imported artefacts provide evidence of 15th and 17th century Spanish porcelain, Rhineland stoneware and Ming porcelain, many of which are on display in the Museum of Natural History in Bulawayo."

These boots are designed with doing a lot of stuff outdoors in mind. Then, being able to casually stroll onto a runway, or a night out.



Canvas Upper
Napa leather stitched around bottom of the upper
Lightning bolt signature lace stay
Extra Long Laces
Gold Foil Print on Footbed
No waste, closed loop sole
Made in Portugal

20 trees planted for each pair sold!
No returns, no exchanges, only store credit for sneakers.

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