Is War/Interventionism Still Hot in 2019

Is War/Interventionism Still Hot in 2019

Inasmuch as we still live in a world were war is not a thing of the past, strangely the desire to stimulate change seems to be lubricated by dead bodies en masse...still...cemented by legacies of country A trying to impose its will on country B. This all begs the question of what is war? In the sense of, we now live in an age where technology is not only rife, but has us trying to solve questions, and develop more complex theories. Recently, I heard a podcast by Seth Godin called Akimbo where he postulated that theories supersede laws as laws are only what dictates the behavior of people. 

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One of the real problems of waging war especially in this day and age is a relative uncertainty in defining the reasons for waging war. This is where this information age plays a pivotal role. Because the talking heads and pundits on television no longer hold authority over critical information needed (Iraq war) we the masses are now free to no longer be dictated to about a specific reason to go to war, we can now "do a google" and find out why. Simple!

Due to mainly American interventionism, Venezuela seems to be gearing up for our new "Hot" war of 2019, but compared to misinformation about WMD's in Iraq, which led to obfuscation about terror attacks, which led to intervention, Venezuela isn't seeming that easy. Meaning, we can sympathize with the Venezuelan people living in a severe inflation, but we can simultaneously be against intervention, which is the softcore compound word for 'many civilians will die, and no one will likely be brought to the Hague for human rights violations.'

The Rad Black Kids are Pacifists

The Rad Black Kids are for pacifism. War in all forms should cease as the value of a human being should not be first weighed by the power of their passport, against the newsworthiness of their lives. Human lives deserve the dignity of their own pursuit of happiness, whatever that might be!

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