The Kewrayter x The Rad Black Kids

Yasuke was the first African Samurai. Died in 1559 (approximately). After his master was killed he most likely became a Ronin. Yasuke (Yasufe a Makua probably Issufo) was thought of as being of Mozambique descent, most probably taken to Japan under the service of a Jesuit. Until he was presented to Nobunaga. Nobunaga took a liking to him because of his skin. Nobunaga enjoyed talking to him (he was fluent in Chinese, which was the Asian Lingua Franca at the time). Yasuke was mentioned in the prototype of Shinchōkōki owned by Sonkeikaku Bunko the archives of the Maeda clan. According to this, the black man named Yasuke was given his own residence and a short, ceremonial katana by Nobunaga. Nobunaga also assigned him the duty of weapon bearer. 

After a battle he fought for Nobunaga, they lost. His master was forced to commit Seppuku. He then fought for his heir Oda Nobutada. They were defeated, and he was forced to join the Nanban-Dera, and his fate is unknown.

The Kewrayter & The Rad Black Kids came together to tell a story of Xasuke. The fictional, modern day descendent of Yasuke. What if he went back to Africa? What if like his great great great great great great (you get it) grand dad he took on a skill thought to be alien to his ilk and excelled in it? Xasuke is the spirit of The Rad Black Kids.

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